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Award winning and one of the most beautiful wine cellars in Italy

Our wine cellar, among the most beautiful ones in Italy, took form around an ancient 18 meters deep well and a long access tunnel.

In our cellar, nestled in a succession of niches and rooms, rest 1600 labels of national and foreign wines with a special focus on local production, including a special section dedicated to Pinot Noir.

Each year, the selection becomes richer thanks to the countless tastings and journeys undertaken by Monica, the restaurant’s sommelier, who assists guests in choosing the correct food-wine pairing. The cellar is always open for visits, either for an aperitif or for a toast after lunch or dinner.


From "Veneto Secrets"

Ristorante da Gigetto (from the nickname of his founder), on the basement floor, hides one of the most picturesque wine cellars in the world that, with over 1,500 labels and 36,000 bottles, includes 38 types of Champagne as well as the largest selection of Pinot Noir of the Region consisting in the best French wines but also in new labels from Trentino and Tuscany.

Gigetto’s great passion for wine goes back to the 1960s when he inherited the cellar from his grandmother and decided to start importing bottled wines from France; an absolute novelty at that time in Italy when wine was used to be sold only in barrels.

The founder’s precious wine collection continues today thanks to his daughter Monica (the other son, Marco, is the very skilled Chef of the restaurant) and Roberto, the head sommelier.

The ongoing research of Monica and Roberto, always “on the hunt”, allows them to discover new labels from different continents; from Provence to New Zealand, from sunny California to Germany, every year the best international wines can be tasted right here!

Wine excellence

Ristorante Da Gigetto, as well as offering the highest quality service provided by Monica, delivers a warm and elegant experience.

For those seeking an unforgettable food and wine experience, Gigetto’s wine cellar is an authentic paradise. A place where time seems to stand still, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the charm of an aperitif, experiencing a journey through wine excellence that embraces unique territories and flavors.

The cellar walls hold intriguing stories of winemakers and distillers, each bottle is a piece of this fascinating wine puzzle, and lovers of fine drinking can enjoy an extraordinary atmosphere as they explore the rich heritage of wines and spirits.

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