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A milestone

Ristorante Da Gigetto is located in the heart of Miane, a pitouresque village along the renowned Strada del Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG, it is a milestone in the gastronomy of the Province of Treviso.

With a history deeply rooted in the Veneto region, this establishment has left an indelible mark thanks to its exquisite local menu that constantly evolves with the seasons, and its internationally renowned wine cellar.

Gigetto Bortolini, the iconic patron of the restaurant, recently turned 80 years old, 60 of which have been dedicated to the family business. He gained culinary experience in many cities, particularly in France, bringing his unique contribution to the growth of the restaurant alongside his wife Elda

Fourth generation

Representing the fourth generation, Monica and Marco carry on the legacy, keeping Gigetto's tradition alive.

Marco represents a harmonious blend of culinary conossence and pursuit for innovation. The balance between past and future is reflected in the dishes that maintain the traditions of the restaurant while simultaneously embracing what’s modern, and interpreting international culinary trends with a regional flair.

Ristorante Da Gigetto offers a unique experience that celebrates the art of hospitality rooted in the Bortolini family, it continues to delight visitors with authentic flavors and makes them truly feel at home.

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