Da Gigetto



A tasty play on words and flavors. For over forty years.

It was 1976 when Giuseppe Maffioli – “Bepo”, a real amateur of local cuisine, theater, and culture – and Fernando Raris – a passionate food “scientist” – got together and created Cocofungo from a play on words between “coco”, one of the names used for a local mushroom, and the contraction of “cuoco” (chef). What originally started as a pu, turned into something serious that still goes on. Through Cocofungo, mushrooms and chefs come together to enhance the former’s flavors and the latter’s techniques.A tasty play on words and flavors. For over forty years.

A select group of restaurateurs and friends:

Gigetto in Miane, Le Querce in Ponzano Veneto, Marcandole in Salgareda, and Osteria der Katzlmacher in Munich Germany.

In over forty years of history, the Cocofungo-Cocoradicchio Group has been able to interpret needs and times without ever yielding to trends. It has re-invented without following the mainstream. It has created exciting recipes and evenings, sought after various themes and formats to continue to “play” with mushrooms and radicchio, with flavors and hospitality.

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